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Master Your Craft - Would You Buy From You?

I remember walking into my first job in the Mortgage Industry and not knowing what a refinance was. I didn't know the hundreds of intricate details that needed to be intact for a family to finance or buy a home. I was clueless as to what a debt-to-income ratio or even what a good FICO score was.

What I did know, was that I was confident I'd be the best Mortgage Banker in my group. I was dedicated to learn all things mortgage, and I was 100% committed to mastering my craft. I was relentless in question asking from my superiors, and I was fearless of falling flat on my face. I practiced keeping resilient, yet staying genuine in communications. I'm extremely grateful to have climbed the ladder to where I am now, and to still be climbing. ABL - Always Be Learning.

Since we are ALL consumers who buy services and products and have all experienced the good, bad & the ugly - the primary question to ask yourself is this: WOULD YOU BE EXTREMELY FORTUNATE OR DISAPPOINTED TO BUY FROM YOU? I can proudly say that I'd be ecstatic to receive the level of knowledge, service & care that I provide my clients.

This question is a gauge as to how much confidence you possess and it can be felt by your prospect. If you need work in this arena, start now... whether that's practicing being a better listener/communicator, studying your products or services, going above and beyond to satisfy your prospect, or just being more genuine. Improve YOU. We hear a lot about improving your "pitch". YOU are your pitch.


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